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- APXD 30 - 09-16-2008

So I'm almost towing but I have a question about the Red and Black wires on my trailer that seem to have no home in my application.    Do I need them?

Here's the background:

The dealer installed the Pollack part and my brake controller (Drawtite Activator III) and I have the Uhaul adapter for the LEDs on my trailer.   This is a crazy part to allow Cayenne tow trailer with LEDs.

My trailer lead had a 7 PIN plug on it to fit a Denali (purchased from an RTR member). The problem is that the Uhaul adapter starts accepts a 5 PIN and converts it to a 7 PIN.

Here's my question, my trailer has red and black wires. I believe that Red is "AUX/Backup" and Black is for "12V+." My trailer is a simple open unit with brakes, lights, and an emergency battery.

I think I just need to put a 5 PIN end on to be in business and connect the White, Blue, Brown, Yellow, and Green wires. Will not hooking up the Black and Red matter?


[Image: image_handler.ashx?thumb=1&type=product&id=4089]
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- Andresawan5251 - 07-07-2012

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- michael lang - 07-08-2012

Josh, I get what you are saying and in theory your thought process is correct. You probably do not need the red & black as you had suggested. The only thing I would say is it might be wise to check if your Cayenne has a Rear SAM (single activity module) that allows the brake lights & the trailer brake to operate, and if it does, the red & black wires might be for that very purpose.

- ccm911 - 07-09-2012

Michael - This thread is close to four years old. I see this person has replied to a few older posts. I am still trying to determine if this is a legit user or a spammer.

- LouZ - 07-09-2012

ccm911 wrote:
Quote: I am still trying to determine if this is a legit user or a spammer.

So am I.

I've been keeping an eye out, with finger on "Banned".

- michael lang - 07-09-2012

Sorry Chris, I didn't even catch that. I usually pick up on stuff like that. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I really feel like a dumbass.

- CarreraS - 07-10-2012

Mike...did you hear?   Obama won that damn election, too!


TongueBig GrinTongueBig Grin

- APXD 30 - 07-15-2012

Hello All,

I did puchase this Pollack LED adapter but never had to use it.   My 7-PIN worked well with my 2007 BriMar trailer with LED.

Ancient post and problem solved.