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- ninjabones - 10-02-2008

18x10 and 18x8.5 one-piece ultralight CCW T10 forged wheels.  Will fit 993 and 996 models.  Condition is as close to new as you can get.  Includes Michelin Pilot Sport tires with more than 80% tread left. 

$2200 for the set ($1700 for wheels only)

Full details available in my rennlist ad:



[Image: img_2518.jpg]

- AMoore - 10-02-2008

These wheels are beautiful.  They fit 964s as well.

- George3 - 10-02-2008

Very nice.

Why selling?

- ninjabones - 10-02-2008


Got what I thought was the deal of the century on these (paid $2,200 about 2 weeks ago) and ended up deciding the money could be better used on the body work for my car.  I'm offering them up to any local PCA guy for exactly what I paid. 

As you know, these wheels are close to $3,000 direct from CCW and then another $1,100 for the Michelin tires. 

I'll be looking for a beat-up set of back-up wheels over the winter.  No sweat if I don't sell them; it'll just be a shame to muck up the pristine finish on these concours wheels.

- George3 - 10-02-2008

Wow.  That is a nice deal, Glenn

I think I'll be selling my CCW's and Fikse's pretty soon.

- ninjabones - 10-16-2008

last call   $2,000 for the set.   I have a buyer for just the wheels, but would prefer to sell the set.