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- Porshagod - 12-20-2009

Should RTR members ONLY have access to this forum? Thoughts?

- George3 - 12-21-2009

Porshagod wrote:
Quote:I would like to suggest that ONLY current RTR members be allowed to have access to and participate in this forum. Thoughts?

I have to say that I participate in a few other non-RTR PCA region forums. Although all are PCA members (I assume), I am not a member of their particular region(s). If those other regions limited their forum access and restricted participation only to their own members, that would mean I would no longer be able to be involved in their discussions.

I know the RTR forum has seen some seemingly "interesting" posters lately. But, I have to believe that if they are not PCA members, then their posting interests on our forum will be short-lived. Just MHO.

The poll should include an "Undecided" option.

- ccm911 - 12-21-2009

I am with George.  This should be an open forum.  It is fun to meet different folks from around the area and from around the country.  Since everyone else let's us use theirs, I say we return the favor.

- 968SilverCab - 12-21-2009

One thing that troubles me about PCA in general is that membership in the club is a catch 22. In order to participate in an event, you must be a member, but how do you know if you want to be a member if you haven't been to an event?

As an example, every year, the 968 Register sponsors a "celebration" tied to the Hershey Swap meet. If you aren't a PCA member you are not invited to drive in, attend the dinner, get to know other owners, and of course you are not eligible to be on the Register (I agree only with this last item). Given the very low number of 968s, I am MOST interested in meeting these folks, and if that meeting becomes an opportunity to get them to join PCA so much the better. Being exclusionary does not provide any opportunity for non-members to see what they are missing. As an owner of a 968 specific web forum I can tell you that we endorse becoming a member of PCA and adding cars to the Register, but being a member of PCA is not a requirement of any of our functions. Our members bristle at being excluded from any event because they are not a member of PCA because we have formed relationships outside of PCA. Creating similar roadblocks on the RTR web forum will not foster new membership.

I have never attended a RTR event, other than a Sunday morning "tour" with Wellardmac, but by reading and participating (sometimes) in this forum I feel that I am getting to know some of the people of RTR and by getting my feet wet this way, may decide to join in, time permitting.

Seduction is better than coercion, especially for long term relationships.



- LouZ - 12-21-2009

I like the open forum, however I trust that we (moderators) have a way of verifying the TRUE identity of the member so we don't have "clowns" hiding behind a fictitious name and posting a$$hole comments.


....and, yes, I did read the post where Brian tried to expunge some posters.

- Darren - 12-22-2009

Bah who cares...I thought the thread about the GT3 driver was hilarious.

- Phokaioglaukos - 12-23-2009

Keep it open....

- delanckc - 12-29-2009



- porsh111214 - 01-02-2010

Leave it open...:?, 

- betegh9 - 01-02-2010

I just voted!........... leave it OPEN.