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- NorthCoventry993cab - 03-15-2010

Just bought a condo at the shore and I need to put a 2 inch x 2ich parking sticker on what is supposed to be the inside of the back window (sticker is meant to stick to the INSIDE of the glass).  Not going to work on my cab and it souldn't be showing if I leave the top down...so any thoughts on how to attach to the rear bumper w/o doing serious damage to the finish?? Some type of clear tape?? Ugh!

- Tony356993 - 03-15-2010

i would affix the sticker to a small piece of plastic with magnets that you could affix to your car on or under the license plate and only put it on the car when parked at the condo. buy a few extra stickers so when yours gets stolen you will have extras.


another option is to back into your parking place and affix the sticker to the inside of your front window for the summer.



- Porshagod - 03-15-2010

You can go to Staples and buy a pack of business card magnets. They are the thin, flexible, business card size magnets that one would put on their refrigerator. The front has an tear off that exposes an adhesive. Just pull off the cover, affix your parking sticker and trim the magnet to size with a pair of scissors and y'all done.

- porsh111214 - 03-15-2010

David, you should know better, the proper word is YOU'RE...not YOUR.  It is not a possessive but a contraction.  But a really neat idea for a frig magnet.

- Porshagod - 03-15-2010

Well thank you there, Mr. Helper! Tongue 

PS- I know, just didn't catch it.

- porsh111214 - 03-15-2010

Don't worry, I've got YOUR back!

- csnyder993 - 03-16-2010

I would ask the Condo Assoc. how they want you to handle it; this can't be the first time someone  has had a convertible...  (although, as a fellow 993 owner, no owner has had a nicer convertible!)