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- ToddPhilly - 04-29-2010

Fellow RTR'ers,

At this past week's exec board meeting, a decision was made to take a fresh look at the RTR website and see how we can better utilize it to promote RTR history, activities, and interests.  I'm going to be working with our current webmaster, Peter, (as well as Adam Kocse), in restructuring the website into a professional, well-organized, and full-featured internet resource for our members.  In order for this to be successful, there are a few things we need from you. Please read below.   If you are willing and able to contribute to any or all of the below, please shoot me an e-mail at todd.little@vualumni.com.  Here is what we need:

Written Content:  A key component for the effectiveness of the website, is concise, descriptive, and enthusiastic descriptions of club history and activities.  If you participate in or have a long history with some of our clubs activities (DE, concours, autocrosses, or even member breakfasts), and you have the time to put together a paragraph or two about what it is we do, why we do it, and why other people should want to participate - PLEASE DO!  I'm trying to compile a comprehensive set of content that we can use to descriptively highlight the things we have done and continue to do.

Pictures & Videos:  Multimedia content is what keeps people coming back to check for updates.  The more pictures and videos (relevant to our club!) we can provide, the better.  Some of the pictures will be used directly within the content on the website (with your permission of course).  Others will be included in an online gallery we will be featuring.  If you have anything to contribute, please contact me and we can figure out how best to transfer the content.

Pilot Group:  The last key component to this relaunch is that we need a few volunteers who can give some feedback.  Starting June 1, I will be delivering an updated version of the new website to a pilot group every 2 weeks.  This activity will run through July, and the focus group will be required to give feedback a total of 4 times.  The group will simply need to send me a quick e-mail with their inputs on that delivery.  I expect that the time commitment is somewhere around 20-30min per delivery.

If you think you can contribute to any or all of the above, please shoot me an e-mail and let me know.  With a little participation from some of the club's members, we have a great chance to relaunch a website that exceeds everyone's expectations.

Thanks in advance for your help!

- TwentySix - 04-30-2010

Thanks for taking this on Todd!!    Smile

- betegh9 - 04-30-2010

Todd, Thanks for your dedication, I appreciate all that you and the other exec members are doing, I have also been there.
I am NO computer expert, but if I can, I'll help. One idea comes to mind, I recently had to contact someone of the exec, and I had the toughest time finding the correct contact person on the web page. I sent an e-mail to Peter (who was hard to find as well) to have a pull down menu listing the "Board of Governors". This list would have each officer's name, address, contact phone , e-mail address and a mug shot so at meetings they would be more approachable.
How about this for starters?

- ToddPhilly - 05-01-2010

Thanks for the input Nick.  A detailed 'officer' section is already on the agenda.  It will include a picture, contact info, and hopefully a brief BIO.

By all means let me know if you have any other suggestions!


- scwaters - 05-01-2010

I'm full of opinionsSmile but do spend a lot of time using and surfing web sites.  I would be more than happy to participate in the pilot group.


- ToddPhilly - 05-02-2010

scwaters wrote:
Quote:I'm full of opinionsSmile but do spend a lot of time using and surfing web sites. I would be more than happy to participate in the pilot group.

Thanks Sonny! Shoot me an e-mail at todd.little@vualumni.com so I have your e-mail address. I'll send you over some materials.

To everyone else - Still need a few more volunteers...don't be shy.

Also - really need some content and pictures.


- Lainey - 05-02-2010

I'd be happy to participate.... look forward to contributing!

- ToddPhilly - 05-02-2010

Great.  Thanks Lainey!

Can you shoot me an e-mail so we can communicate via e-mail:  todd.little@vualumni.com.


- pearlcoupeg35 - 05-02-2010

This is great!

I would be happy to post/share lots of my photos from my past 4-5 years of Porsche stuff (track days, road trips, Stuttgart visit, etc)

Let me know what/when/where Smile

- ToddPhilly - 05-03-2010

Fantastic.  Shoot me an e-mail at todd.little@vualumni.com, and we can figure out how to transfer some of the files.  I have a few ideas.