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- Brian Minkin - 01-10-2007

A key part of our 50th anniversary celebration June 10th at Radnor Hunt will be a display of 51 Porsche cars manufactured in each year 1957 to 2007.  One car from each model year.  We are looking for members who would like their ride to be on of these 51 cars.  Please contact our membership chair Marty Kocse at rtrmembership@verizon.net with information about your car if you would like it displayed as one of the 50 year cars.

More information about this and the 50th celebration:


- Marty Kocse - 01-16-2007


We are NOT looking for the most pristine Porsche concours cars in existence.  We are just looking for some nice examples, and we need one from each year.  So please don't be intimidated by the event.  If you have a Porsche that looks decent with just a bath and a shine, then that's great.  We'd love to have you attend and participate in the event.

At this point, we have roughly 15 cars, so we still need quite a few (36 more).  Again, please send me an email at RTRMembership@verizon.net as soon as you can.  I will let you know if that year is available.  If it is, you're in.  That's all there is to it.

Thanks, Marty

- Marty Kocse - 01-30-2007

EVERYONE - I need your help filling up the remaining spots for the 50th celebration.  I still have all of the following years open, so please contact me if you have a vehicle you would like to display:

Years still available:   NONE!!! - The list is complete.

- Tony356993 - 01-30-2007

I'll tell Sharon I have to buy another car to help out the car show. Smile


'57 speedster would be ok (aetna blue). 

'72 911T (orange or lime green)

'76 914 2.0 would be cool (orange or yellow)

'83 SC - stock (black)

91 C4 Cab (black & tan)

'98 993 Turbo-S (Arena Red)

If I hit the lottery, I'll let you know. Good Luck Marty.

- Al996 - 01-30-2007


I asked Bob Patton to bring his 1972.  I will call him and see if he made up his mind.


Bob's is yellow.

- Tony356993 - 01-30-2007

Yellow will do Big Grin

- Marty Kocse - 01-30-2007

Make sure whoever you guys get notifies me so that I have that spot reserved for them.  Please have them email me at rtrmembership@verizon.net

I am the gatekeeper...

- 356D - 02-02-2007

Marty, I have a '68 912 if anyone would care to see it. It's not perfect, and certainly not worthy of concourse, but it'll fill a slot for that year if nobody else takes it.


- Marty Kocse - 02-02-2007

1968 is now taken.

- Hammerin Hank - 02-03-2007

Josette's 914 is available for the '73 slot if you need it. She'll just need a place for the trailer while it's at the event.