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- Mike Andrews - 10-12-2010

One of the Pro Stock cars. 

[Image: Nitro3.jpg]


A few Funny Cars.

[Image: QuickLane.jpg]


[Image: MTS2.jpg]



Here's one I was panning along with and the car on the near side goes by and distorts the image......

[Image: Heat.jpg]




It's interesting looking at some of the stuff that you don't notice as the cars go down the track.



For instance, how low the front of the car is as the rear tires grow.


[Image: NAPA.jpg]



How distorted the rear tires are as the car fights to keep traction.

 [Image: JohnForce.jpg]


Here's another shot of John Force taken a fraction of a second later. Two things stick out in my mind. The engine is in the process of losing a cylinder. Fluid is starting to pour out of the front pipe which means it's lost spark in that cylinder and that's fuel running through the engine. The second is that John has already reacted and got out of the throttle....


[Image: JohnForce2.jpg]




And a close up of a Top Fuel car hooked up with the throttle wide open..... I can't imagine what 0 to 330 in less than 4 seconds must be like.

[Image: Nitro2.jpg]



For those of you that have never been to a NHRA event that has Fuel cars running.... you have to go...

- cjbcpa - 10-12-2010

Wow, truly awesome pictures as always Mike.

I vote for a 2011 RTR trip to Maple Grove, and Grandview too! They're practically right in our back yard. There are also 17 recent rally participants that know where Grandview is now.

Actually Grandview is very nearly in my backyard. I can hear them practically every Saturday night from my back porch yet I've never been to a race.


- Mike Andrews - 10-12-2010

Thanks Chris.....


The weather the past few years was not the best for the Maple Grove event.  This year was incredible. 


I'm in for a RTR gathering in 2011 at either Maple Grove or Englishtown earlier in the year.


Assuming no schedule conflicts.

- ccm911 - 10-12-2010

I can't wait to get home to see the pictures(blocked here at work).  I spent three days at Hershey, so was unable to make Maple Grove.  I hope they move it next year so I can get to both events.

- Lainey - 10-12-2010

Mike, those pictures are works of art! Amazing... I was driving South on Rt.81 this weekend and I passed a huge transporter which I later learned was a top fuel dragster from Qatar - Al-Anabi Racing. Checked out their website and it was the first time I really got a look at these cars. There was an interesting piece written about the G-forces drivers face going 300+mph in just seconds. So amazing....

Thanks for sharing!!

- ccm911 - 10-12-2010

Just awesome!!  Thank you so much, Mike.