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- David 41 - 12-10-2010

As I was driving past Holbert's last night I noticed the marquee sign had Thompson's name on it now.

For me it is sad to see Holbert's name off the dealership with the history and all...

- ccm911 - 12-10-2010

Wouldn't you think that the Holbert name would have been included in the sale price?  Talk about throwing away years of accumulated goodwill.  When I think of Thompson, I think of Nissan(or whatever Jap Crap they sell). 

- Brian Minkin - 12-10-2010

When I hear Thompson's I think BMW and Lexus.  They have lots of experience with high end vehicles and the customers who buy them. I wish them nothing but good luck with this expansion of their business.  

It is a shame to see the Holbert name retired but unfortunatly the name was not part of the deal.  It will be forever embedded in racing history. 

- Larry Herman - 12-10-2010

I offered them my services.   They could have called it Herman's, but Nooooo.