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- Phokaioglaukos - 12-20-2010

Spent last night in London at the flat of one of my partners, a Giants fan. I had given him the change to win back the £20 he lost to me on the last meeting of these teams, and he accepted. The game was not broadcast on Sky, just the Red Zone rotating coverage, so we mostly watched on my laptop connected to my DVR in Philadelphia. The moment I pulled a £20 note out of my wallet and laid it on the table the game turned around. Absolutely amazing! I've watched the YouTube clip of the punt return four times and still cannot believe it.

What fun!

- cjbcpa - 12-20-2010

I am a Giants fan from way back (at least in terms of my lifetime). I've been a suffering fan since the days of Craig Morton at quarterback so I know of what I speak. That guy couldn't find his way out of the pocket with a map.

I learned long ago that the issue with the Giants is you never know which Giant team is going to show up to play on any given Sunday. The one that plays up to some reasonable level of their potential, or the sand lot team that seems to sneak into their locker room, puts on their uniforms and hands the opposition a gift. Now you can't be certain which team comes out after half-time, sheesh.

Maybe since it was a new Meadowlands stadium, it was in need of another Miracle.

Or maybe its just the same old Giants.

- michael lang - 12-20-2010

cjbcpa wrote:
Quote:you never know which team is going to show up to play on any given Sunday.

That sounds alot like the Eagles. Sometimes they show up, and sometimes they suck!! Either way, every Sunday, my wife is your typical Eagles fans, I have to listen to how great they are or how they have no business being in the league.