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- Mark Fox - 03-30-2011

Confusedhock: Saw the HP and weight figures on Rennlist.  Going to be a very nice ride.

- Racingswh - 04-06-2011

The car looks great Glen!!  Nice work in the off season!! 

Nice job in the car Bob as always!

- ninjabones - 04-12-2011

Summit Point Race Report:


Came back from the NASA race at Summit Point this weekend. My assessment of the PCA vs. NASA debate in short is the following: "Racing is Racing".

The GTS race was remarkably reminiscent of the tight competitive fields in PCA H class from last season... very tight close competition (top 5 guys running within 0.5 seconds of each other in qual). I thought the competition was aggressive but clean. The split rolling starts were very cool, and the added challenge of dealing with the American Iron and Honda Challenge guys was a lot of fun and defnitely added to the strategy of the race. I felt that those guys raced clean (perhaps a few of them wanted to stick their noses into our race at times), but overall we seamed to co-exist very well on the track. I didn't see any more carnage (perhaps less) than a typical PCA race weekend. Hot pulls and more cars on track did add to the excitement and challenge.

In terms of track time, definitely PCA wins... but I'll be honest, I found the NASA weekend to be a bit more relaxing. I was dealing with some car issues, and I'm glad I had the extra time to sort them out on Saturday. I also find the dedicated qualifying sessions to be much better than the way PCA does it. Really requires a lot of strategizing and execution to nail qualifying with so many cars and such a short session. I would be in favor of PCA scrapping the saturday and sunday warmups in favor of true qualifying sessions.

In terms of the new car, she performed beautifully. In truth... almost too well. I had the car dyno'd on the official dynojet at the track on saturday morning. Same dyno, same weekend last year, my car pulled 258 HPat the rear wheels. Since adding the chip midseason last year, and then the headers this winter, she pulled 274 this time around. So that meant, a boatload more ballast than I was anticipating. Had to run at 3014 lbs (which meant 170 lbs of ballast and a topped off fuel tank... and then filling up my coolsuit cooler to make weight for Sunday's 40 min race).

This was my first race of the year and I only had three run sessions in the car this year before the saturday warmup session. I was a bit rusty, tentative, and lacked confidence. Made some sway bar adjustments after warmup, which definitely helped during qualifying. To my surprise, I was able to qualify 3rd for Saturday's race. Track was slick, damp, and times were not stellar (1:22.4... 0.6 sec off the leaders and 2 full seconds of Bob T's GTS3 track record from last season).

Saturday Race: Had a truly crappy start (couldn't see the flagger) and quickly lost two spots on the outside. Took me about 15 minutes to shake off the winter cobbwebs, and my times started to come down. At about the 18 min mark in the video, I start catching the lead group. Picked off bimmer out of turn 2, and then Scott's 996 in the carusel as his tires were going off. Had a few shots at the leader (Jeff Curtis in the 964), but rushed my moves a bit and pulled out too early coming out of ten... had another shot out of 10 but had to back off due to emergency vehicles.... then had another shot out of 10 on the last lap, but got squeezed toward the grass by the veteran. Overall, very pleased with the 2nd place finish


Sunday Race: qualified better on sunday (Q2) with a 1:21.6 behind Kyle Bacon's 1:21.3. Q4 overall in GTS, so I had the outside lane. Again, I mucked up the start by missing a shift and lost two spots on the inside. However, I was able to skirt around the outside and tuck in behind the two GTS4 leaders. The GTS3 guys were tangling up behind me and I was able to catch a draft off the GT4s guys for about three laps (omar and Dan) and was able to gap the field. The next forty minutes was all about traffic management and managing tires.... My times were very consistent throughout the race (low 1:21s), but Kyle Bacon was dropping down into the mid 1:20s by the last 6-7 laps and started to reel me in. I don't think I've ever looked down at my timer that much in a race, as I knew he was coming for me... was able to hold on to the lead until the finish and kyle finished only 2 seconds behind me. Took the win (and two more tires).

Thanks to the RTR guys that came to watch... saw them cheering in the stands by the carusel...

- Mark Fox - 04-12-2011

Kudos on the nice run.  I watched most of the second video, looked like you had the track to yourself.

- ninjabones - 04-12-2011

Mark Fox wrote:
Quote:Kudos on the nice run. I watched most of the second video, looked like you had the track to yourself.
Things do open up a bit on a 40 minute race... But, I wish I had a rear view camera... your perspective would change a bit. There was a lot of action behind me. Second place finished less than 2 seconds behind me.

- michael lang - 04-12-2011

I saw your car tucked in the corner on the right just as you enter into the paddock. I was hobbling around on Sunday morning. I would have stopped by to say hello but I didn't see you and the little heads were kind of restless so I kept moving. Just out of curiousity, do you know what is going into the new red buildings that are being built at Summit?


- Brian Minkin - 04-13-2011

I think I overheard someone say Audi about the red buildings.

- Wally - 04-13-2011

Brian Minkin wrote:
Quote:I think I overheard someone say Audi about the red buildings.
I had asked and was told it is a company the makes or developes "go fast" parts for Audi's.

- fasthonda - 04-13-2011

Donnie at the front gate said the buildings were for Stasis Audi.

and Glenn - u looked great!  i saw almost all of sunday's race, in between instructing from shenandoah.  looked really good!


- ninjabones - 04-14-2011

Here's the view from Kyle Bacon's M3... he finished 2nd.