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- cjbcpa - 09-20-2011

Excuse me if I puff my chest a little and share some good news. Some of you had a chance to meet my younger brother Jamie last year at the Thunderbolt event. Jamie drove his car 16 hours from St. Louis to his first DE ever then turned around and drove home with it. He had a great time and was hooked. We’ve wanted to meet up again for another, but his schedule has been too busy; here’s why….

About a year ago, Jamie designed and built a short shift kit for his Mazdaspeed 3. Well as these things go, word got around on the various Mazda web forums and others wanted one too. Long story short, in his spare time, he has grown this into an impressive operation encompassing shift kits, sway bars, motor mounts and other goodies aimed at the 3, 5, and 6 series Mazda's.

Well to cap it off, James Barone Racing received a very favorable two page write-up in Grassroots Motorsports magazine under the “Notes from the Garage�? column.  If you happen to subscribe or see one on a newsstand, check out page 155.

If you know anyone with a 3 series Mazda; share his website http://www.JamesBaroneRacing.com.

Now if I can only get him to make parts for the 944!

- scwaters - 09-20-2011

Congrats Chris - We shared a garage and his Mazda was impressive then as was he.  Go Bro

- arac - 09-20-2011


Congratulations to James,  every reason to be proud

- ccm911 - 09-22-2011

Your brother has done VERy well.  I just checked out his site.  Color me impressed!