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- Wellardmac - 10-09-2011

Does noone moderate this place anymore? WTF is up with the spammers and noone deleting them?

Either fix this place or close it down. The place has gone to hell in a handbasket since I left. 13,000 forum members for a region of 1300 members. I guess spammers are not being deleted anymore.

It would be nice if someone could delete Discount Air Max Shoes, as I'm tires of getting forum emails from him every morning.

- Tony356993 - 10-09-2011


- Wellardmac - 10-09-2011

Tony, good to see you!

Is the forum active anymore? A quick look didn't seem to show that much activity.

- Brian Minkin - 10-09-2011

The forum is active and the amount of spam has been small enough to delete the posts and the users before this one. This was certainly done electronically as in a hack since it posted in 675 different threads.

Most of the 13000 users you see are people who want to see pictures and must be a forum member to see them so they create an account. They do not post and they are not spammers. Although the activity from RTR is not all that the forum once was it is still active.

Wayne or anyone who is interested in running this forum please step up. I give it all he attention I can but as I know from how well Wayne handled things if you devote enough time to this forum it can be better managed.

- Wellardmac - 10-09-2011

Brian - good to see that you're still around. Ordinarily I would step up and help out, but as you may have heard I now live down in NC, so it's a little hard to keep up with things in RTR, much as I do stop in from time to time to see how everyone is doing. I hope all is well. My porsche is well and enjoying being driven most of the year... I cannot fault NC weather!

As you said, this particular spammer is electronic and very annoying. I think I've had around 40 emails from him over the last 3 days.

- JoeP - 10-10-2011

Brian, you might ask the website builders if they can add a "captcha" to the sign-up process.  It would not thwart a determined spammer, but it slows them down enough that they usually move elsewhere. 


Of course, a real approval process would be great.

- ccm911 - 10-11-2011

Brian - PM Sent.

- MikeKling - 10-11-2011

Hi like Heinz CAPTCHA the best on my french fries.

- AMoore - 10-13-2011

Brian you are doing a great job of keeping out spam.  This last wave occurred only recently.  I am pleased it was addressed in a timely manner.

Keep up the good work!