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- mwestboxster - 08-22-2011

Tom S. formerly master tech at Princeton Porsche has recently opened his own shop in Newtown, Pa.
Tom is a great guy, knows his Porsche's and will treat you and your Porsche right.
Checkout his web-site:

- Ben951 - 01-09-2012

That URL doesn't work. Interested in learning more.

Got more info via




- 944BlueS - 01-10-2012

Familiar address...nice to see a 968 in the pictures, but I still miss RS Barn.

- mwestboxster - 01-10-2012

Unfortunately Tom had to close his shop and go back to a real job. He found out the garage he was leasing month to month was not really zoned for a garage business. He did not want to enter into a long term lease only to be shut down by the township. He is now working at Flemington Porsche.
But, he still continues to do work on the side and does have access to a garage and lifts when needed.
If you are interested in contacting Tom, PM me.