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- dmano - 10-15-2012

So I see I have no,  "Freedom of speach" on this left wing forum anymore.  

- dmano - 10-15-2012

You people are as much fun as a stone.

- Phokaioglaukos - 10-15-2012

Did Congress make a law abridging your freedom of speech as it relates to this forum?

- dmano - 10-15-2012

Yes the forum mod has deleted all my posts to this General Discussion Off Topic board. I guess he does not like my political views/comments and only his own views are aloud here. We all used to have a good time around elections with our fun and spirited banter. But alas no more.....

- JoeP - 10-15-2012

God bless the Moderator. 

I cannot escape political drivel from both parties anywhere else.  It would be a relief to have one forum in which the most politicized discussion is "air-cooled vs. water-cooled".

- dmano - 10-15-2012

Is this allowed?


Women in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern areas are now permitted to drive for the first time.
[Image: download?mid=2%5f0%5f0%5f1%5f1245479%5fA...ailClassic]

- Brian Minkin - 10-15-2012

I am the one who has deleted Davids political posts.  This is a forum for a car club and not a place to propagate our political views.   Off topic is a perfect place to speak out about a new traffic regulation or law passed by some municipality. But I will not allow it to be a soap box to sound off about national politics.

- LouZ - 10-15-2012

....and besides, there is no such thing as Freedom of "Speach"

- dmano - 10-16-2012

Ok thats fine. I will keep it to "Gee guys I just changed my oil today I feel great how about you" And  I have an appt to get my car inspected. O what fun.

I quess you need to change the title from General Discussion>Off Topic to Lame posts/boring forum

- ccm911 - 10-17-2012

LouZ wrote:
Quote:....and besides, there is no such thing as Freedom of "Speach"
Wow! Someone pointing out a spelling error! Never saw that on a forum before. (OK...Sarcasm off).