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- MikeKling - 01-16-2013

By popular demand and royal decree the second annual Suds Council meeting will be held on Friday February 22, 2013.  The location will be the same as it has been for the past decade, the Brick House Tavern, 2402 Easton Road, Willow Grove, PA.  Your presence is requested at 6:00PM or later.


For the uninitiated, the Suds Council is Riesentoter’s premier event.  Leaders from academia, business and government will moderate a vast array of panel discussions and lectures.  The opening and closing ceremonies, broadcast worldwide, have been said to rival those of any Olympics, Super Bowl or Hollywood awards extravaganza of recent memory.


Really?  No.  Actually it’s just a bunch of car guys (and the occasional car gal) sitting around drinking beer, shooting the bull, and admiring the local scenery.  The Brick House is known for employing wait staff with distinctive attributes.  But, of course we just go there because we like the food.  Yeah, right.


Since this event is officially an unofficial RTR event the budget has been again approved at zero, zip, nothing.  So bring your own money if you want to imbibe any quantity of alcohol and consume food for metabolism.  Shoot me an e-mail at your leisure so I can reserve us enough seats or if you prefer to stand don’t.


Your humble servant,


Mike Kling


- StoogeMoe203 - 01-18-2013

I'm a dignitary from the country of Moronica.  I did not receive an invitation last year, but will ask my secretary to find an open slot in my busy schedule.  I can give a dissertation on why the perceived value of your car is proportional to the female attention that it attracts.

- MikeKling - 01-19-2013

Your Eminence Sir Jim of Moronica,

A thousand pardons.  Your invitation was sent via diplomatic cable to your most esteemed Republic.  Please don't let this mistaken ommission disrupt the peaceful relations between our two regions that has last  for the eons.  You have been placed as the first speaker in our "More Money than Brains" cultural tract.  Please feel to bring your usual entourage from your region of Poke Your Nose.

- Ben951 - 02-08-2013

My transaxle was just removed but I'm still an rtr member... Will email if I cam attend. The fantastic Mr kling said a towing eye might be in my future!

- MikeKling - 02-08-2013

That was before you went to the dark side, better known as Schattenbaum

- Ben951 - 02-18-2013

Well, then good thing about my untimely switching are completely unfounded! I got 'auto-switched' by 'the system', but have promptly switched back.

har har, if said towing eye has walked the plank let me know so I can procure one! I will most likely just be staying within towing distance (NJMP), ha. Or I could take small-ugly to the track, I haven't been able to break that one...

- Ben951 - 02-21-2013

I don't think I'm going to be able to attend this years meeting. =(

- StoogeMoe203 - 02-21-2013

I'm traveling to the State of Amnesia, therefore I forgot about this landmark council meeting.  I beg forgiveness and request a pardon from Sir Kling and his constituents, the Klingons.  If need be I can have my secretary fax over my dissertation.  Although I forgot her name.

Perhaps we will meet at one of those silly things called a DE, although I can't remember what that stands for anymore.