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- DJbrand1 - 10-13-2011

Schattenbaum DE at NJMP nov. 4th-6th

Who's going?

- Lainey - 10-14-2011

Steve and I will be there either Sat or Sunday

- Jimbeau - 10-14-2011

Hmmm.... Wink

- MikeKling - 10-15-2011

Several RTR and Schattenbaum members have Novemember birthdays.  We have made this sort of an annual event to celebrate the end of the season and our birthdays.  We always share a garage and there is even a cake.  Naturally, you dont have to have a Novememebr birthday to join us.  Just like St Patrick's Day, you dont have have to be Irish to enjoy it.  So consider this an open invitation to share the warmth of our electric heater.

Its a great way to end the year.  Looks like there is still plenty of room for solo drivers.  Hope to see a large RTR  contingent.


- CarreraS - 10-15-2011

As one of the aforementioned "November Birthday Mafia" members, this has been a perfect end to the season for the last three years!!

Hope to see many of our friends there!!!

- Lainey - 10-16-2011

My birthday is the 20th! I'm in.... Big Grin

- betegh9 - 10-16-2011

My BD is in December.......Am I close enough?Big Grin  I may just join for fun and instruct.  My tires are gone for the season.

- CarreraS - 10-17-2011

Nick....November...December....close enough!!

- MikeKling - 10-17-2011

Ok,  I rented a VIP (Very Important Porsche) garage for the event.  It will serve as the official unofficial headquarters for RTR.  All RTR folk as well as any other species are welcome to join.

#111 near the center.  I made sure it has a side wall to keep out the wind.  There's talk of birthday cake.  As always look for the flags.

- JimWirt - 10-26-2011

I'm in boys and girls!