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- Lainey - 10-28-2011

We will be there with a garage (and flags too) so let the fun commence!! Now we just have to pray for no snow like this weekend. I'd take sunny and 60 degrees...


- Bill Lehman - 11-01-2011

I'm in.  Midnight Blue Cayman S #61.  Stop by.

- michael lang - 11-02-2011

I can't make it but please tilt one back for me. Mine is the 24th of this month.

- CarreraS - 11-02-2011

Mike, as an 11/7, I promise that we'll all celebrate on your behalf!

Happy Early Birthday!

- Lainey - 11-03-2011

Steve and I have Garage 112, right next to #111 -- see you tomorrow!

- betegh9 - 11-03-2011

See you guys Saturday morning............. got toomuch to do before I can go, so friday is out.  I am not even registered, but I can hang out and instruct if needed.

- Lainey - 11-07-2011

Hey what an awesome time! Many thanks to Mike for the Birthday cake(s) -- also Jim - Dirt Cake was a hit too! It was a weekend to finish burning up tires and pads for the season -- and windshields too if you're David Felker. Lightning Course claims another victim, unfortunately.

Now the long winter begins...

- betegh9 - 11-07-2011

Are you just driving home now?  What did you do the last 24 hours?



....... Oh!  You don't have to answer thatConfusedhock: ........ leave it up to our imaginationBig Grin

- CarreraS - 11-08-2011

Seeing out of the windshield is overrated!!

- JimWirt - 11-08-2011

Dave your only supposed to put your arm out the window when you give point byes!