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- bobt993 - 11-12-2011


I think it is going to take 3 months to get this engine built correctly(must rob bank in the process) and then I will be chasing you anyways since it won't be enough for GT4s, but should be good for NASA.  Never done Sebring.  Someday would be nice to learn that track.

- arena - 11-14-2011

Sick. Give me a few years to get my skills and bank account up there where I can be competitive, and hopefully I'll be running with you guys.

- asher681 - 11-15-2011

Dave, give me a call... Joe   215-669-6323

- JimWirt - 11-18-2011

Nice video Dan. Wow remind me if we ever are on the same karting track to just stay behind you!

- Dan Yonker - 11-18-2011


- bobt993 - 11-18-2011

Tongue Dan, You almost hit Healy in the same turns as me. He was def dogging it in a couple of places. The power of that car is damn frustrating. Sunday's race, I was actually having a hard time driving since I was laughing so hard watching you trying to get around him. If that GTR car had not got into the race it would have been even more of a hoot. Healy spun across the track btw T5 to 6 right in front of me. Two laps later my trans broke.