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- RickRJF - 05-15-2012

Hello RTR!

New member here, just actually had my new to me 06 Cayman S inspected and have been having a blast learning the ins and outs of both the vehicle and the Porsche mystique. 

I'll be looking to meet all service intervals and build a strong relationship with a service center, with this, I would like some experienced advice on what would be a better route to take for this: Dealer or Indie?  Specifically, Knopf (this is where I had the car inspected and some other work performed) or Specialty Cars Service Center (seems to be a club favorite).  Both seem trust worthy and are seemingly active sponsors of RTR.  Anything which I should be mindful of in considering either?  Is there an additional option I should consider?

Thanks in advance,

- emayer - 05-16-2012

Welcome Rick!

Excellent choice and congratulations on the Cayman S.

I'm in the Valley also and well known to both these shops....   :dude:

Specialty Cars does outstanding work and their prices are comparable if not cheaper than Knopf.  Especially if considering modifications, outfitting for the track, etc. they are the folks to use.

I use Knopf quite frequently also and have not been disappointed thus far even with extensive repair work.  They are not cheap however.  For routine service, updates, recalls, etc. I'd recommend them especially since you own a newer model.  Additionally, aspects of the car may be still warrantied and therefore justify dealer service.

Either way, your in good hands.... 

Best of luck with your new ride.  Be on the lookout for members (myself included) enticing you to attend DE events.  There will be no going back after that!!!  -E

- CarreraS - 05-16-2012

emayer wrote:
Quote:I'm in the Valley also and well known to both these shops.... :dude:

Eric is also well known for having some of the coolest toys, too! Tongue

Welcome to the party, Rick!

- RickRJF - 05-18-2012

Thank you for the welcome and the information.  It's appreciated.

 I will be looking to participate in some events in a few months.  I look forward to it.

See ya on the road... Cool

- michael lang - 05-22-2012

Rick, congratulations on the car. The Cayman in my opinion is an awesome ride and from the people I know that own that model, I can say your ownership experience should be outstanding.
As a dealer, I am biased as to which way you should go but the fact of the matter is you should be looking for a relationship with a shop that works for you and you can trust. Without that trust, it doesn't matter if that shop is the cheapest, the best rated or anything else. I would recommend trying a couple other shops (both dealer & independent) to find someone you really are comfortable with. Best of luck & welcome to the club, we are glad to have you.