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- cjbcpa - 08-22-2012

Dan posted video of his wreck at Mid-Ohio over the weekend. Totally not his fault. Looks like the red car braked sharply causing the chain reaction that swept up Dan. A real shame. I think (cerainly hope) Dan is OK. Not sure about the car. Action starts at 5:45 in.



- betegh9 - 08-23-2012

Sorry about this, Danny!  Looks like the baby blue 911 somehow went sideways and "T" boned you.  Long trip to Mid Ohio just for a few minutes of racing..... Longer trip home.

- emayer - 08-24-2012

Really sorry to see this happen Dan, hope you're OK.

Smart move keeping those hands up once things started to unfold...

- Lainey - 08-24-2012

I was just at the Schattenbaum PCA Club Race at NJMP and people told me about Dan. OMG just watched the video. Absolutely scary how he flipped like that. Worst I've seen. So sorry for you, buddy. Hope YOU are ok...

- Terry - 08-26-2012

The blue car was Carl Tallardy's one off mid-engined 993 race car. I hope he and Danny are both OK. What a mess. A saving grace is that all of this appears to have happened at relatively low speed.

- bobt993 - 08-26-2012

Terry, it was actually faster than appeared. I saw both at the club race this weekend. Both are fine. Carl unfortunately had another incident on Saturday when he collided with a 993 race car in T1. The red car was banged up and the other car totaled (caught fire).

- Terry - 08-27-2012

Do you think the blue car is salvageable?

- bobt993 - 08-27-2012

Not sure. One of our club members already purchased the red 996 that was damaged at Tbolt. Dan's car was a complete loss. Even the trans and engine were torn apart. His safety equipment worked .

- Terry - 08-28-2012

Wow. Sobering stuff.

- Dan Yonker - 08-29-2012

Thanks for the kind words. All is good, except that I need to convince my wife it is no big deal if I buy another race car......the question is....what kind!!