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- larrybard - 03-17-2012

Shopping for a floor jack for my 993 (and pair of jack stands, I guess).  Don't expect to use it for anything more than changing tires.  What's the clearance specification I need?  Most regular models seem to be 4" or 5", which clearly seems to be too high, so if I get a low profile model that is 3 1/2", will that be low enough?  What weight rating is recommended, e.g., 2.5 tons?

I'm willing to put up with a relatively heavy jack if it translates into significant cost savings.

Also, any guidance on jack stands?  I certainly don't want to try and save a few bucks if the tradeoff is stability/safety.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


- LouZ - 03-17-2012


Here's on that fits under my lowered 964!You could also get 4 jack stands, and be under $150.


- APXD 30 - 03-19-2012

+1 Lou

I had one fail from the releasing the car too quickly.   That said, at this price, I bought the same model again.



- larrybard - 03-21-2012

So the maximum 14.75" height was high enough for you?  (I suppose I could always increase that a bit by adding a piece of wood on top of the saddle, so that if it's a chunk of a "2x4" that would boost the height to about 16.5", but I don't much care for that method.)

- LouZ - 03-22-2012

I add a "hockey puck" to the cradle, more for protection, but it adds another inch of lift. I don't have any problem getting the wheels off the ground with the jack.

- APXD 30 - 03-25-2012

I use the hockey puck and 2'x2' plywood under the jack. The Cayenne is a tougher reach to put up on jackstands but is is possible. Cars are not a problem.