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- Ben951 - 11-29-2011

Looking for the best way to clean a windshield. I've seen some recommend 0000 steel wool, and others say no it leaves micro-micro scratches.

So what's the best way? Trying to remove 'hard water' stains, if you will. Is 90% isopropyl enough? Some sort of cloth buffer? What works?

This is for an 02 C230... but should also apply to other vehicles (if it doesn't, please state so!)

- cjbcpa - 11-29-2011

I swear by "Bon Ami" It's a powdered cleanser that does not scratch. In fact their motto is "Hasn't scratched yet"



- Ben951 - 11-29-2011

I have that and like that product for cleaning some things up. I read a very technical post on how it IS harder than glass and *could* scratch it/micro swirl... but I have read of people using it too... Chris, you use it a lot (on enough Windshields) to feel confident in it, or just once or twice?

- ccm911 - 11-29-2011

0000 Steel Wool with Spray-Away window cleaner. Been using it for years with no scratching. I got the tip from a magazine called "Guru Reports" in case you need a source.

- Ben951 - 11-29-2011

Chris M, I trust you guys who actually use and do, vs a magazine or some random person at an automotive store or even dealership. Thank you both.

- ccm911 - 11-29-2011

If you go the steel wool route, just be sure to use a liberal amount of cleaner.

- Ben951 - 11-29-2011


- LouZ - 11-29-2011

I'm also on the BonAmi bandwagon - works great!

- Wally - 11-29-2011

Bon Ami.  Been using it for fifty years on windshields without a problem.

- Ben951 - 11-29-2011

Thanks Wally! That kind of helps as I wasn't aware if the glass temperament or materials changed in any way.