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- JoeP - 11-16-2011

This is waaaay off topic, but where the hell does one buy suits around here?  I just looked in JA Banks, Macy's, and Bloomies, and they all sell the same crap. 

- cjbcpa - 11-17-2011

I hear you, the high/upper end mens shop went the way of the dinosaur around the dot-com bust when everyone was wearing shorts and flip-flops to work

For high quality mens clothes, my favorite is Boyd's down in Center City, but bring a very full wallet. In Pottstown, there is Wieztencorn's (sp?) and there is the London Shoppe in Easton. There must be places along the Main Line out through Wayne and Devon but I am just not familiar with them.

During the course of my career, I've been subject to the entire dress code spectrum, from business suits, sport coat and tie, business casual to jeans and t-shirts. I smell a conspiracy by the garment industry forcing me to invest in my wardrobe through planned obsolesence. Excuse me while I go camp out with OWS in protest.



- ccm911 - 11-17-2011

Only one choice for a suit - Brooks Brothers. A bit pricy, but at least you won't look like a Male Escort wearing their clothes.

Check their outlet stores as well, but not much cheaper, and the tailoring is not included.

- trevornaidoo - 11-17-2011

Go custom tailored and get exactly what you want. Prices are very comparable to buying off the shelf.

- arena - 11-17-2011

Ok all you old guys, watch and learn:


Welcome to the world of the internet and globalization: Completely custom tailored suits for $300.

... only problem is you have to deal with the guilt of paying some dude in malaysia 30 cents an hour to sew it, but then again I'm sure it's the same for any other store bought suit...

- STEVEMCMORN - 11-17-2011

I use Raja Fashion in Hong Kong


They come on a tour of US cities every once in while. Last time I went to NYC but think they now also come to Philly. They measure you up and badda bing, a new handmade suit arrives in the post 4 weeks later

Pricey but worth it - you get what you pay for

- trevornaidoo - 11-17-2011

This is my guy, lives in Jersey, factory in Thailand. He comes out to my house with the swatches, takes measurements and 4-6 weeks later you get a DHL package with your stuff.


- JoeP - 11-18-2011

Thank you, Gentlemen.  A trip to Boyd's gives me an excuse to have brunch in the city.  No matter what, I think I'll try one of the on-line shops too. 

- Terry - 11-18-2011

As a regular suit guy, Boyds is pretty much it except for Nordstroms which still has a good selection and knowledgable sales people and tailors. Bloomingdales and other top end dept stores also have some nice stuff but selection is limited and prices are high. Unfortunately, there are very few domestic manufacturers left.

- Porshagod - 11-19-2011