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- Phokaioglaukos - 03-09-2012

The long saga is over now--civil case settled. For those of you who missed it. Mark Fiorino was violentlyt stopped by Philadelphia police while walking along Frankford Ave. with a handgun holstered on his belt. He had an audio recorder running during the stop and you can listen HERE. The police officers who stopped him, and the ADAs who eventually charged him with crimes did not know that carrying a firearm in PA is perfectly legal without any license or permit everwhere and in Philadelphia it is legal with a License To Carry Firearms, which Mark had and offered to show the police.

One result of Mark's actions is that the Philadlephia Police Department now trains its officers on this aspect of the law. Another is that we have all seen how resistant the Philadelphia Police Department and the DA's office is to gun rights. PA is a "must issue" state for a LTCF--that is, unless there is a disabling condition the license must be issued. In Philadelphia an outstanding parking ticket is viewed as disabling....

- cjbcpa - 03-11-2012

I've been following this too since I first heard about his incident last spring. Glad to see its over but disappointed the PPD gets away without admitting any wrongdoing. They clearly trampled all over this guys rights.

If you follow it on Philly.com its interesting to see how the comments section opinion swings back and forth. Everyone was behind this guy when the incident occurred. Last week he was back on the cover with a related story about an open carry gathering and 9-1 the comments were hostile towards him and open carry.

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