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- dmano - 04-17-2012

Ends 11:59 tonight please get your vote in if you can.

Thanks for all the votes PCA members


Hello all,
If you can could you vote for my little girl Molly on the web site below to win a contest.


- Vytenis - 04-17-2012

Done.  She's a cutie.


- dmano - 04-17-2012

Thanks she is a blast of a kitten.

- the_vetman - 04-17-2012

Voted. Good luck. Smile

- APXD 30 - 04-17-2012

Done. We love her "M!"

- dmano - 04-18-2012

Asleep with her brother.

- dmano - 04-23-2012


The contest ends 11:59 tonight. Thank you PCA members for all your votes.

- dmano - 04-24-2012

Congratulations! Molly has been selected as the Grand Prize Winner in the Redner’s Dog & Cat Photo Contest. As a winner, you will receive a $100 gift card to Redner’s Warehouse Markets and your cat’s photo will be featured in the Redner’s Market Circular the week of May 20, 2012.
Thank you for your participation in the Redner’s Dog & Cat Photo Contest!


Thank you to all that voted for Molly

We are donating the $100 gift card to our local no kill animal shelter.

- Vytenis - 04-24-2012

Congratulations! I guess the old adage "vote early and vote often" does pay off.