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- 944BlueS - 07-28-2012


Fellow RTR’s:

Thank you very much for allowing me to speak at Wednesday’s monthly meeting and for the continued support of Radnor Hunt from the Executive Committee, der Gasser, and the RTR membership.  This year’s Radnor Hunt promises to be one of the best, with an amazing show field featuring classic Ferrari’s along with the traditional heavy metal.  Over the past few years, both the Saturday Rally and Sunday Car Club lot have seen a resurgence, and we are poised to build on that success.  After a very successful Car Club Lot we are expanding the activities to Saturday, and this first year will be a great opportunity for RTR to build a lasting club tradition of gathering on the show field.  I am hoping for a great RTR turnout this year, and I will monitor this forum and my emails for any suggestions on how I can make it the best experience possible for the club. 

Saturday Rally[/b]—ANY car is welcome.  Join other clubs and even Concours participants for a great drive through horse county with questions and playing cards along the way.  Think fun drive/poker run versus ultra-competitive TSD.  I am not the Rally Master for Radnor, but I will pass on any special requests for RTR.  Followed by a catered lunch on the Hunt Club veranda.

Saturday Car Clubs[/b]—Officially starts at 10:00am, but feel free to arrive early and watch the Rally cars depart.  Stay for lunch, seminars, tours of the grounds, horses, hounds, and other surprises.  Bring your favorite beverages and snacks to enjoy while parked on the Show Field, watching the Concours cars arrive and hanging out with your fellow enthusiasts. 

Sunday[/b]—The Car Club Lot tradition continues.  Clubs are already making Saturday and Sunday official events, so sign up soon.  Last year attendees, Concours car owners, and Concours judges all spent time in the front lot with us and all remarked what great cars we had and what a great time everyone was having.

Please see the attached form and website for more information on these and all of the activities happening for the 16th Annual Radnor Hunt Weekend.

See you at The Hunt!


- 944BlueS - 07-28-2012

Here's a great article on Radnor Hunt from this morning's Hagerty News email: