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- Phokaioglaukos - 07-20-2012


Long explanation, but you can see the incident at 6:00.

This is the same guy arrested in connectino with his open carry of a handgun in NE Phila. He had an audio recording of that stop, beat the criminal (retaliatory) charge and settled his civil case against the Phila PD.

- michael lang - 07-22-2012

So I watched this video yesterday and I was thinking that it is really odd that the same dude that had been arrested for carrying a firearm also got a ticket for failing to stop at a traffic light. That part is not a big deal, the part that I find to be odd is he was wired and coincidentally was recording that conversation with the police and then sometime later he gets a ticket but it just so happens that he has a video going at that very moment. It's either dumb luck that he has the insight to cover his ass that way or this really is all staged and he is manipulating the situation. If you listened to the audio from the gun incident and you watch the video of the ticket, he goes out of his way to mention that the situation is being recorded, almost as if he has already set the bait so he can turn it around to his advantage later and then acts as if he is the innocent one. I don't know, maybe I'm reading into more than I care to but has society really gotten so bad that people are now starting to carry around audio and video equipment to have everything fully documented?

- Phokaioglaukos - 07-22-2012

Yup. Not a setup, but expecting an issue. Esp. with open carrying a handgun in Phila. As he said, he's an attention whore.

- michael lang - 07-22-2012

Yes I know, I deal with the same type of people here in D.C.

- Vidal - 07-23-2012

Well, this guy may indeed be an Attention Whore, and this particular intersection may be better off with a "No Turn On Red" sign (that stop line is WAY back from the intersection), but let's not get into that. There may be very good reasons for using a dash cam for other legit purposes. Check out these scams that were unearthed thanks to dash cams:



These are just the scams. Every once in a while I see commercial vehicles driving like lunatics on the turnpikes and with video documentation one could report the drivers to their employers with evidence. It's bothersome to see a semi truck tailgating a family in a small car while doing 75+ mph! I know that sometimes vehicles don't stay to the right except to pass, but agressive driving of this type can wind up very sadly.

A dash cam may not be a bad idea.....

- cjbcpa - 07-23-2012

Here you go, and it's good for taking DE footage too!


- Vytenis - 02-05-2013

cjbcpa wrote:
Quote:Here you go, and it's good for taking DE footage too!


Purchased the unit with LED lights. Unreliable. Works sometimes & other times not. Doesn't always record. Files corrupted. Have tried tried to return, unsuccessfully so far.