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- larrybard - 07-09-2012

Due to scheduling conflicts in the past, as well as this year, I have been unable to attend the RTR Watkins Glen event that is regularly scheduled around the end of July.  I am trying to schedule a board meeting around the end of July, 2013, in the hope of avoiding another conflict.  Will the 2013 RTR event probably be held Friday-Sunday, July 26-28, 2013?



- MylesD55 - 07-10-2012


RTR always gets the option of taking the same weekend each year. Being one of our most popular events, I see no reason RTR would want to change the date.  Unless the Glen changes their schedule, we should get the weekend of July 26-28 in 2013.



- larrybard - 07-10-2012

Myles, Thank you. That helps, though I understand there's no guarantee that we will in fact get that same weekend from the Glen. Larry