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2013 Brake Clinic! - Larry Herman - 02-25-2013

After a breif hiatus, we once again will hold our Annual Brake Clinic on Saturday morning March 9th at my garage.

We will be covering pad and rotor replacement as well as brake fluid changes, and will try and thae some of the mystery out of this subject.

Join me for coffee & snacks at 9 am. PLEASE RSVP via email (tech@rtr-pca.org) or call me on my cell at 215-680-1105 for directions and so I know how many are coming.


RE: 2013 Brake Clinic! - Ben951 - 02-27-2013

Where is the garage located? =)

RE: 2013 Brake Clinic! - Wally - 02-27-2013

(02-27-2013, 01:47 PM)Ben951 Wrote: Where is the garage located? =)

Behind his house! =<))