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Trailer selection advice - rap - 01-20-2014

I'm in the process of selecting a trailer and because my IQ is around 50 I am having some difficulty. I exaggerate of course, at a stretch it seems to hover around 45 with this selection process!
What I'm trying to determine is the best length trailer for my situation. I have a 968 which rounds out to 16' long. Although I've been advised that 18' is a good length and easier to drive and tow by those with a 968, it sure seems tight with that length. They advise a foot of space in front and behind the car. Needless to say this adds up to a somewhat tight arrangement. This also makes cabinets or anything else somewhat problematic.
To add to my dilemma, I have never towed a trailer. So anyone care to chime in on what they have experienced with their trailers?

RE: Trailer selection advice - Brian Minkin - 01-20-2014

If you are going the trailex route an 18' will work. With a traditional design steel or aluminum rectangular trailer I would advise a 20'. The tie down points and the ability to hang a box, fuel jug carrier or spare tire on the outside of the trailex makes it possible to go 18'.

RE: Trailer selection advice - rap - 01-20-2014

My mistake. I am talking about an enclosed trailer.

RE: Trailer selection advice - Brian Minkin - 01-21-2014

For an enclosed you will want a 20'. Will be tough to secure the car in an 18' and unless it is a V nose there will be no room for anything else.

RE: Trailer selection advice - rap - 01-21-2014


RE: Trailer selection advice - rap - 01-25-2014

Anyone care to chime in on the features they outfitted their enclosed trailers with? Anyone do the ramps inside, winch, cabinets, escape door? I'm looking for some advice on what's practical and will be used and what is fluff!

RE: Trailer selection advice - Brian Minkin - 01-25-2014

I had a winch, cabinets and work bench in mine. Also fluorescent lighting and electrical sockets.

RE: Trailer selection advice - ninjabones - 01-27-2014

What vehicle are you using to tow? You should know the tow capacity of the vehicle as well as the tongue capacity. A steal box with a 968 in it, plus gear, spare wheels, etc and you could be well over 10,000 lbs. An all aluminum trailer will be much lighter, will not rust, will hold it's value, you'll get better fuel economy.... but cost of entry will be twice as much (also very hard to find used all aluminum enclosed trailers).

Here's some pics of mine (2008 cargo pro all aluminum, weighs about 2,300 lbs and easily towed with a cayenne). has fluorescent ceiling lights, power outlet, cabs, tire rack, two spares, rack for two nitrogen bottles, custom folding ramps, and a boatload of pit-pal accessories.

[Image: ninjabones-albums-misc-picture24145-20140104-104210.jpg]

[Image: ninjabones-albums-misc-picture24146-dsc01689.jpg]

I might be willing to part with it. Shoot me an email if you'd like to discuss (ninjabones at aol dot com). I'm in Villanova.

RE: Trailer selection advice - rap - 01-27-2014

The GVWR is 10,000. Payload capacity is 6350 lbs. curb weight is 3650. 968 is 3000lbs. Denali with 8100 towing capacity. I think I'm within range for all these numbers. Since I'm new to this, do people put their cars in gear and tie them down inside before moving? Or do they just tie them down? I'm not rakishly thin like most Riesentoter members so I can't figure out how to fit into the car to put it in gear and then get out! Lol Even an escape door doesn't make it that much easier.

RE: Trailer selection advice - rap - 01-27-2014

Ninja your mailbox is full. Would you please send me some pics? Clrbrook@epix.net