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RE: Trailer selection advice - Brian Minkin - 02-08-2014

The car should be in neutral when being towed in the trailer. Bad for gearbox to tow in gear. I always chock the wheels and then tie down with the car in neutral.

(01-27-2014, 10:00 PM)rap Wrote: The GVWR is 10,000. Payload capacity is 6350 lbs. curb weight is 3650. 968 is 3000lbs. Denali with 8100 towing capacity. I think I'm within range for all these numbers. Since I'm new to this, do people put their cars in gear and tie them down inside before moving? Or do they just tie them down? I'm not rakishly thin like most Riesentoter members so I can't figure out how to fit into the car to put it in gear and then get out! Lol Even an escape door doesn't make it that much easier.

RE: Trailer selection advice - rap - 02-14-2014

Thanks Brian.