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VIR in June - jgiannone - 03-13-2014

As a reminder, there is a Zone2 DE at VIR in June, concurrent with the PCA Club Race. It's a fabulous track, a great time of year with daylight until 9:00PM. A very well run event just when the world is decompressing for Summer. Worth the trip, and doesn't conflict with other RTR DE's. June 20/21/22.

VIR in June - BMalone - 05-23-2014

Anyone going?

RE: VIR in June - Brian Minkin - 05-29-2014

I am running the event. I must clarify that this is an Advanced Drivers Education Event for White, Black and Red drivers. In addition to the DE observing a club race and the huge assortment of Porsche race cars is an additional benefit to attending this DE. There is still space in the DE run group.