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Sad news from Summit Point - daiver8772911 - 06-09-2014


Never want to see that. Be safe out there!

RE: Sad news from Summit Point - ccm911 - 06-09-2014

That's never a good thing. It really makes you realize how much our instructors put themselves at risk out on the track in the passenger seat's of their student's cars.

RE: Sad news from Summit Point - JIMK - 06-09-2014

Truly sad news indeed. It may have been a while since my last track day, but I am ever hopeful not to have yet had "my last track day!" I do however want to take a second to say THANK you to all the volunteers who got into MY RIGHT seat. I want to express my sincere appreciation for you getting in my car and helping me become a better driver. Your courage (you never really know the first time with a student), skill and dedication is appreciated.

RE: Sad news from Summit Point - Bill Lehman - 06-09-2014

I don't have first hand info but there was another accident during this event that, according to Rennlist, involved Todd Reid. He was helicoptered to Washington for medical help and is O.K.

RE: Sad news from Summit Point - larrybard - 06-10-2014

Todd posted on Facebook. He's recovering. Bad concussion, among other things. Soon to be discharged.

RE: Sad news from Summit Point - George3 - 06-12-2014

I spoke with Todd today and he's doing much better.
He asked that I tell all the RTR members that he's doing great
and he'll be back better than ever.

Todd is a great guy and a real trooper. I have no doubts!

Get well, soon, Todd.