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- TwentySix - 03-14-2007

Hello!  It's time to come out and have fun with your car!    Smile

We will be kicking off our autocross season with a driver school and event at Warminster Community Park courtesy of Philadelphia Region of the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), the weekend of April 13-15th.  We have several spots in the drivers school  for Friday and Saturday that have been alloted to us (in addition to their open registration), and an Autox Roadshow event on Sunday April 15th.   I highly recommend the school for those of you who want to move your driving skill to the next level.  Autocross is a great way to learn car control and confidence at lower speeds, so if you are tentative about going to our track events, this is for you!   Send Graham a message if you are interested:


School information: http://www.phillyscca.com/solo2/flyers/2007/novice_school.html

Registration form: http://www.phillyscca.com/solo2/flyers/2007/SO041307.PDF

We have arranged to have our own Riesentöter class for Porsche cars in the Autox Roadshow at Philly SCCA events this summer season (class designation is R) so that we can drive together, and they have extended the discounted SCCA member price to us as well.  The events they run are well organized and they have access to one of the best autocross lots around, it will be a great way to have fun and make new friends while honing your driving abilities.  Hope to see you out there! 


- STEVEMCMORN - 03-16-2007

I attended the last SCCA AutoX skool  - it was fab - here's what I wrote about it last time - by the end of the course, I was much more comfortable in my car, found where the limits were and was significantly faster at the end of the course compared to the beginning


Novice skool - In my view a bargain for $125 = Friday night classroom, all day instruction on sat and free entry Sunday.

4 courses -

circuit with increasing and decreasing radius corners - learn about late and early apexing

house - with 360 turn on corner of roof - learn to look ahead and faster if wait

slalom - small gaps and big gaps -- just didn't get this - told to turn earlier but struggled

skid pan - round and round until puke

Leant alot about the theory, the car and myself - throughly recommended for newbies like me - even just because got so much seat time (compared to only 3 runs on Sunday - more on that later).

- betegh9 - 03-17-2007

Steve! Interesting description of the novice school. What you didn't get about the slalom, is that each slalom cone should be treated as a late apex turn, always aiming to brush against the BACK side if each cone you pass. You want to complete the slalom at the fastest speed possible without using the brakes.
In the skid pad, DON'T PUKE! This is the best learning tool to understand oversteer and understeer. One has to keep increasing the speed while maintaining the course (not the Bush course),by going in circles. Once one reaches the limit of adhesion, is when the fun begins and the driver learns by imput,( steer, throttle or brake), to correct the problem.

I do recommend the school to anyone new to AX or DE. One learns the basics of handling, and builds confidence at the same time.

- Graham - 03-22-2007


We have just two guaranteed slots left and a couple of weeks before this great learning school starts.

For $125 you get one heck of a deal!!!! 

Check it out!  Perhaps this is something that your son or daughter would be interested in to improve their driving abilities, if not your own.

School information: http://www.phillyscca.com/solo2/flyers/2007/novice_school.html

Feel free to contact me Graham_Knight@merck.com for any information you can't find.


- TwentySix - 03-28-2007


- betegh9 - 03-28-2007

elizabeth26 wrote:

Bump? What's that all about?
Last weekend was My first AX this year, MSNE event at Giant's Stadium was great. Good but cool weather, 120 participants, 15 in my class. there were several national drivers who were a pleasure to watch......and learn. I missed first place in my class by 9 thousands of a second. If I had just skipped my breakfast, maybe I would have won. I was driving with my 'street' Toyo RA-1's while the top contenders were either on slicks or Hoosier AX tires. The purposely made tires are about 1.5 seconds faster than my tires on a 40 second course.
This coming weekend I'll get my revenge!:dude: Cool

You can view pics of this event on the web: www.PlaftaPhoto.com

- STEVEMCMORN - 03-28-2007

Nice photos - but may I ask a question about your driving technique?

In the attached photo, are you (i) trying to switch channels on the radio or (ii) did you drop your coffee??




- betegh9 - 03-28-2007

Quote:Nice photos - but may I ask a question about your driving technique?

In the attached photo, are you (i) trying to switch channels on the radio or (ii) did you drop your coffee??

My dentures fell out under hard breaking......Better than loosing my headlight!Confusedhock: Tongue

- Graham - 03-29-2007


We officially have one guaranteed spot left for the SCCA AutoX School... aka. "Car Control" School.  For all of you who have young children (18-22 year olds) and are thinking of letting them take your Porsche's out on the track, this could be a well spent $125 in learning car control BEFORE they get behind the wheel.

School information: http://www.phillyscca.com/solo2/flyers/2007/novice_school.html

Registration form: http://www.phillyscca.com/solo2/flyers/2007/SO041307.PDF



- dmano - 03-30-2007

Hi Graham,

I know it's not a P car but can I go with my Stang or the Camino?