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No one interested in Poker? - saucerman - 01-13-2015

I was trying to think outside the box and thought, Texas Hold'em would be cool thing to do during the winter time. So I called up the Sands and asked if they could put on a private tournament...don't know they said and they put me in touch with the gaming commissioner. After a brief conversation we had our very own RTR Poker Tournament.

Has there been any other region to offer such a neato event?

Anyway we need at least 20 players to pull this off...right now I have 4...sure it may be a tad on the high side but you can win some real money to help pay for a DE or two and you don't even have to know how to play because we will teach you, you'll be among friends.

I really don't want to have to cancel this unique event so if you wouldn't mind please register.

[Image: register.jpg]

poker hands in order of lowest hand to best hand

High card
two pair
three of a kind
full house
four of a kind
straight flush

RE: No one interested in Poker? - saucerman - 01-30-2015

This event has been cancelled due to lack of interest. We may try again in the future.