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1987 Carrera Coupe, 73K miles - daiver8772911 - 03-22-2015

For sale, my 1987 Carrera coupe named Veronica, Indischrot: 73K original miles, factory A/C with Griffith Kuehl upgrades which runs cold, Steve Wong 91 octane chip, M&K Euro pre-muffler and ceramic coated GT3 exhaust, turbo tie rods, Elephant Racing front adjustable sway bar, Momo 370mm steering wheel, and 930 16" 7s and 9s done in RSR finish by Harvey Weidman, with Bridgestone RE-11s, 225/50 and 245/45 tires. I have the factory ECU chip, muffler and cat, heater crossover pipe, rear bumpers, original rear valance, and steering wheel. This car runs very strong and has given me 4 years of fun. Never raced or autocrossed.
Email me here for more information, questions, more photos, etc, or call me at 954-629-8845 evenings. I'm in Berwyn.
[Image: ver1_100812.jpg]
[Image: image_zps838f5d23.jpg]
[Image: image_zps49e903f2.jpg]

RE: 1987 Carrera Coupe, 73K miles - daiver8772911 - 03-24-2015

Bump for a great car. It will come with Porsche new valve cover gaskets top and bottom installed and a set of new Textar brake pads front and rear in boxes.

RE: 1987 Carrera Coupe, 73K miles - daiver8772911 - 04-01-2015

Now $46,500

Price Drop and Photbucket album - daiver8772911 - 04-12-2015

Photobucket album with 41 photos; price now $46,000 or best reasonable offer


RE: 1987 Carrera Coupe, 73K miles - daiver8772911 - 04-19-2015

Big Drop to $44,000 or best reasonable offer. I have a price in mind...there is wiggle room

Bottom line price - daiver8772911 - 05-12-2015

My firm bottom line price is $42,000; within the target price of the latest Hagerty report

SOLD - daiver8772911 - 08-06-2015

The car is now sold