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The future of HPDE? - cjbcpa - 07-18-2015


RE: The future of HPDE? - betegh9 - 08-13-2015

I don't think that we will have self driving cars anytime soon.
If there was a collision of some sort, whose insurance will pay for what? The manufacturers will have to provide something, right? Or they will just wait for a class action suit to pay up?
........just some thoughts

RE: The future of HPDE? - rap - 08-14-2015

Regardless of if or when self driving cars will be made available, HPDE events will still be one of choice for the consumer as they are now. In fact it might even become a selling point for future HPDE marketing purposes.

RE: The future of HPDE? - MikeKling - 09-15-2015

I guess if all the cars drove themselves, we could crack open the beers earlier?

RE: The future of HPDE? - betegh9 - 09-15-2015

Mr Kling!!
You're the man!!