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Autocross Race Rules - NumeroUnoPA - 08-17-2015

Maintaining an equitable system for the Autocross Cup Series is challenging at best. The Autocross Council believes the primary focus of Autocross is enjoyment and comradery. We believe both exist at the races. This is not NASCAR or a club race, but a volunteer effort. There is no formal inspection program. We encourage all autocross drivers to provide input to the Autocross Council on ways we can improve.

I want to clarify the process approved by the Autocross Council to make the results for the Lancaster Corvette Club race.

The Lancaster Corvette Club changed the physical layout between the morning and afternoon sessions. This has occurred one other time in our trips to their venue. No other venue has changed their course in the last four years.

The Autocross Council applied the same adjustment to both Lancaster Corvette Club races.

The process is to compare results for racers who have valid runs in both the morning and afternoon sessions. As such, Craig’s times were not included because he had DNF in all four morning runs Sad and Nick because he had DNF in 3 runs Blush and 2 cones in his other. Times for V, Don and Stephane were not included in the calculation because they did not race in the afternoon. The remaining racers had their best morning and afternoon sessions compared. It showed the afternoon session was faster by .5 to 1.5 seconds. This is a significant amount of time in Autocross. The afternoon sessions increased by this average difference to equalize the results and not give the afternoon runs more weight because the course was shorter.

Again, this has occurred twice in Lancaster and the same process occurred in both.

The Autocross Council remains committed to providing the fairest competition possible in the Autocross Cup Series. We welcome any suggestions to improve the system for next year. We will also deal confidentially with any input on information that a car may not be appropriately defined. Please contact Dan or myself with your ideas and input.