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Fall Leaf Tour Details - scott_nichol - 10-13-2015

Does anyone have details on what time we're supposed to meet in Frenchtown for the Fall Leaf Tour event? The calendar entry tells us the date and location, but not the time. I've tried sending an email to the contact listed on the event, but received no response.

It just leaves me wondering if the event is really happening.


RE: Fall Leaf Tour Details - Craigs*84 - 10-14-2015

I think it is happening...
This is the email Stu sent me.


We leave promptly at 10am from the parking lot! Stragglers will be left behind. Drivers meeting will be about 9:50am. I suggest you plan to arrive around 9:30am with a picnic lunch, a full tank of gas and a recent restroom stop. Dinner will be at a restaurant, but no food or drink is available at our lunch stop.

See ya Saturday!!



Fall Leaf Tour Details - scott_nichol - 10-14-2015

I got a response from Stu this morning. I'm just guessing my original email got lost along the way.

Looks like good weather, so it should be a good day!