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Autocross Cup Series: Race #10 - NumeroUnoPA - 10-21-2015

Banana Banana Banana Banana Banana

It is time for the GRAND FINALE. We have 9 races in the books. It will be on November 14 at Hershey Park with the Central PA PCA group.

Registration is open on Motorsportreg.com. It is $25 if you register in advance and $30 at the event. Pre-registration closes on Tuesday, November 10. The event can fill up, so do not procrastinate. Click on the following link to register and get more detailed information:

Central PCA @ Hershey Giant Lot

There is excitement in the air. There is a hot race for first place in the Autocross Cup Series with Nick and Dan separated by 4 points. There is even more excitement for the last place on the podium with Trevor and Craig tied and 5 points ahead of yours truly.

Come and participate in the fun.

For our new comers, this is one of the best venues to test your skills. The race occurs at Hershey Park in the parking lot for the Giant Center. It is a wide-open venue, so the course is different every time we race with Central PCA.

Also, we will meet and caravan to the race. Watch for details.

Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers

RE: Autocross Cup Series: Race #10 - 981 S - 11-10-2015

Wish I could join everyone for the Grand Finale, but I will be stuck at work instead. If anyone is overwhelmed with guilt, knowing you are going to have a great time at autocross, and I'm stuck working, send me a private message and I will give you my work address so you can come help pour concrete.

Good Luck

Anthony V.

RE: Autocross Cup Series: Race #10 - NumeroUnoPA - 11-10-2015

Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance

Let's meet at Peter J Camiel Services Plaza at mile marker 305. We need wheels up by 6:45 to be there by 8.

Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks

RE: Autocross Cup Series: Race #10 - Vytenis - 11-11-2015

Sorry, can't make it on Saturday. Have fun!
Will be there on Sunday for test & tune.

Anthony, pour faster and come on Sunday.


RE: Autocross Cup Series: Race #10 - trevornaidoo - 11-14-2015

I should be at the rest stop by 6:45am

RE: Autocross Cup Series: Race #10 - Vytenis - 11-25-2015

Are results still being posted here?


RE: Autocross Cup Series: Race #10 - NumeroUnoPA - 11-25-2015

Results will be posted here. Still waiting for Central PCA.

RE: Autocross Cup Series: Race #10 - Vytenis - 11-27-2015

OK. Couldn't make it on Sat. due to a four letter word (W*RK). I would highly recommend their test and tune, which they had on Sun. Thirteen cars running non-stop for three hours. On the last run of the day, I overcooked it and took out the timing gear. Sad


RE: Autocross Cup Series: Race #10 - betegh9 - 11-29-2015

Still no results?

RE: Autocross Cup Series: Race #10 - trevornaidoo - 11-29-2015

(11-29-2015, 03:55 PM)betegh9 Wrote: Still no results?

Not sure what the hold up is, I'm eager to get my 3rd place trophy Banana