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2019 RTR DE SCHEDULE - Marty Kocse - 12-17-2018

2019 RTR DE Schedule - ENJOY!!!
1. April 5-7, Jefferson (Fri), Shenandoah (Sat/Sun), Summit Point, WV
2. May 10-12, Pocono North, Long Pond, PA (Friday Advanced Day & Intro to DE offered)
3. June 21-23, NJMP Lightning, Millville, NJ (Friday Intro to DE offered)
4. July 19-21, Watkins Glen, Watkins Glen, NY (Full Course)
5. Sept 6-8, Pocono SouthEast, Long Pond, PA (Friday Intro to DE offered)
6. Oct 11-13, Summit Main, Summit Point, WV
7. Nov 7-8 (Thu-Fri), NJMP Thunderbolt, Millville, NJ (Advanced drivers only, White and up)

RTR PCA Club Race - Cancelled due to timing and construction:
1. TBD, Monticello Motor Club, Monticello, NY

Tech Sessions:
Tech Sessions for all DE events will be held on the Saturday 2 weeks prior to each event at various facilities throughout our region.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks, Marty Kocse, Track Chair, track@rtr-pca.org

RE: 2019 RTR DE SCHEDULE - GetBoosted - 12-17-2018



RE: 2019 RTR DE SCHEDULE - DonE2014 - 01-14-2019

Lucky you got Watkins Glen in July. The 50th anniversary of Woodstock will be at Watkins Glen in mid August.