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Al Holbert Racing shop - Govols! - 12-17-2019

Does anyone remember Al Holberts race shop that was behind his fathers dealership ?? Any recollections of when it started and any photos of it ?? My 1971 911S was serviced there in 1972 for 5 point restraint, quartz driving lights, and roll bar placement. Thanks for any help ?? George Kehler

RE: Al Holbert Racing shop - Wally - 12-28-2019

Good morning George, Happy New Year!,

If you are referring to the shops built behind the Porsche dealership, the first one (race shop) was built in the late '70's for the "D" Production (924) series, the SPS car and then the Loenbrau car. The second building was built in the early '80's for the "bling" shop and the Indy program.
To the best of my recollection, the only street car which may have been worked on in the race shop was Al's Petrol Blue 930.
Hope this helps you.