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New member in the area - johannes356 - 07-11-2020

Afternoon all. I've been living in Philly for a couple years now, but just finally brought the 911 back from Ohio here to Philly now that I have a garage. 

The car was originally sold at Porsche of Warrington and resided in Elkins Park for years. My father purchased it from the original owners kid who was living in jersey at the time (and it's now passed on to me). So after nearly 20 years, thanks to a job transfer, the car has returned back to Philly where it all started. I've been a PCA member for as long as I could hold a wrench and just transferred membership from Ohio Valley region to here. Look forward to meeting all when things return to some kind of normalcy. 

1973 911 S with Sportomatic, Sport Seats, and factory air conditioning.