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- jdrian - 05-11-2007

I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I am considering purchasing a 1987 911 from Holt Motorsports in West Chester,Pa. I was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with them or has any opinion regarding their shop.  thanks

- catchacab - 05-11-2007

I bought my 993 from Tim.  There is a premium you pay, for buying from a dealer, but it can save you a lot of time in locating and weeding out the garbage. 

I would highly recommend having a pre-purchase inspection on any Porsche you are considering on purchasing, and would recommend using one of our clubs approved tech inspectors.  I used Performance Automotive.

I am happy with my purchase from Tim and would recommend him.

You should look at the PCA's  mart, to get an idea of prices.


- Tony356993 - 05-13-2007

GET a PPI done!!!

Use Brandywine, Dougherty's etc but I would not use Perfomance for the PPI. Performance does all of Tim's track car prep and there may be a conflict of interest.

Tim is a good guy but he buys cars privately and at auction to sell them. His business is to sell cars. Your business is to do your homework and spend the time and $$ to make sure the car is sound.

Good luck.

- jdrian - 05-13-2007

Your advice is greatly appreciated. thanks

- Tony356993 - 05-13-2007

No prob.


The search is part of the fun of owning these cars.

- jdrian - 05-13-2007

   Do you know if Tim checks the cars out before he puts them up for sale.

- Tony356993 - 05-13-2007

I think he does a simple check to make sure he can flip the car.

I'm sure he does not do a compression test or a leak down.

Have your shop or a reputable shop shake down the car. Tim usually will allow this PPI to be done. If not, I would not buy the car - just MHO.


- catchacab - 05-13-2007

Doesn't  Holt send Dougherty's shop work?

- Tony356993 - 05-14-2007

Quote:Doesn't  Holt send Dougherty's shop work?
Not to my knowledge.


- ccm911 - 05-14-2007

I fully agree with Tony that the PPI is the most important thing a person could do prior to buying a car. 

I would recommend either J and J in Bryn Mawr, or Tillson's in Philadelphia.  Both shops know Porsches like the back of their hands, and are far removed from doing shop work for Holt, so there would be no conflicts whatsoever.