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- AMoore - 09-13-2007

Can anyone estimate what it would cost to have a car professionally transported from Orlando to Phila?  Can anyone recommend a transport company?

- ccm911 - 09-13-2007

Thomas Sunday.  Should be well under a thousand.  He advertises in Panorama.  I know another member that has used him and she was quite satisfied.

- LouZ - 09-13-2007

My neighbor just had a car shipped to his daughter at Univ of Arizona for ~$800. Company is in Bensalem - I will try to get add'l details tonite.

- jmr3 - 09-16-2007

+1 on Thomas Sunday.  Brought my 993 from Colorado. 

- sms - 09-17-2007

The primary price difference will be whether it is shipped covered or open, top-loaded or not (oil from someone else's car above). I have shipped my SC back and forth AZ to NY twice (do not ask why) with INTERCITY LINES, INC., they are a bit more expensive ($1200 covered and top loaded) but worth the personal touch. They also advertise in Pano.