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- ccm911 - 08-27-2007

Has anyone ever had the seatbelt buzzer go on while the car is just sitting in the garage?  I do keep the keys in the ignition, and twice, the buzzer just started going. It stopped when I removed the key from the ignition switch.   And now it will not go off when I am driving.  Is there a timer I need to check?


- Darren - 08-27-2007

It should be a relay right?  Maybe that is sticking closed.  The timer is probably in there also...

- Darren - 08-28-2007

There it is:


Either the relay is not grounding through the seat belt or the relay is bad...It looks like there is a connector with 2 wires going to the seat belt latch, unplug it and cross the wires and see if it goes off....

- ccm911 - 08-29-2007

Wow!  Thanks, Darren.  You are a fast driver and a good diagnostician to boot.  I'll work on it this weekend.

- ccm911 - 09-04-2007

I finally fixed the seatbelt buzzer problem!  Went out for a ride on Sunday, and the darn thing was buzzing away nonstop.  What to do?  I pulled out my Swiss Army Knife and removed the tach, but could not reach inside the dash.  I put the tach back in and removed the temp gauge.  I was then able to get my hand in behind the dash to find the offending buzzer.  It felt like a big relay.  Being the half-ass I am, I just pulled it right out.  Silence.  Next, I tried all the electrics and everything worked as expected.  Now when I shook the old relay/buzzer, I could feel that something had let loose, as there was a rattle when I shook it.  Bad part.

I'd rather be lucky than smart.  Big Grin