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944 Turbo S suspension
11-01-2010, 07:07 AM
Post: #11
My 2 cents, which is only worth 1 cent....

I'd check the rear toe in and make sure that you have enough of it.  If the rear is going toe out under braking then that will make the rear end of the car dance quite a bit.

With the car getting loose coming out of the carousel it sounds like throttle induced oversteer but I don't know since I wasn't in the car.  If it pushes through the carousel itself and then is loose coming out then it sounds like the car might not be set up that badly and you'll need to focus on being more smooth on the accelerator -- particularly difficult with a turbo car!!

In the lower run groups you should be learning to manage the oversteer/understeer instead of changing the car setup.  This will ultimately make you faster.

That all said if you must upgrade something you could do the sway bars.  The difficulty is that you could be changing the car setup to compensate for driving technique and that might make it difficult to ever get faster!

I'd say leave it alone and ask someone with more experience to drive the car and see what they think.
03-11-2011, 08:33 AM
Post: #12
Hey all, just wanted to say thanks again for the advice.  Just reading this over as I am starting to get ready for the upcoming season.  Signed up for the Jefferson DE, so I will try some of the early braking technique Nick mentioned and bring the rear tire pressure down a tad.

Only things I have done to the car over the winter was put some 968 m030 sway bars on.

Last event I did was NJMP last year with an instructor that was not from our region but drove a 951 himself.  He was amazed that the car was still sticking for as much leaning it was doing in the rear. 

Do we have any instructors here that also drive a 951? It would be great to try and get paired up at an event to get some more input and have them take the car around the track.

Oh, Darren, the Lemons team fell apart for the NJMP race in April.  Hopefully will get something together soon. Appreciate your time talking it over with me. If you ever need two drivers for your team let me know! Smile

1984 911
1988 944 Turbo S -Sold
1999 996 Cab - Father's ride

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