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Cayman S Spare Tire & Jack
12-28-2018, 01:58 PM
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Cayman S Spare Tire & Jack
Recently acquired 09 Cayman S. Don't like not having a spare. This car will be seeing double duty, street and DE car. I also have a Z06 street car modified for the track. I carry a donut spare from my Caddy CTS in that car and it's gotten me home twice this season.
I carry plug kits, cans of fix a flat, small compressor and either a Harbor Freight lightweight floor jack or an after market low profile scissors jack in all my cars. On the scissors jacks, I've had a 1/2" drive socket welded to those to enable me to raise/lower using my breaker bar or impact wrench.

Unfortunately every flat I've gotten in past years was either in the sidewall or as a result of wheel issues therefore none of the fixes(plugs/fix a flat) would solve the problem.

I have a Boxster and test fitted that donut onto the Cayman. Fit perfectly on front and rear. I was able to find an unused donut spare locally for $80.
That spare for now is strapped in place in the rear of the Cayman using ratchet camlock straps(don't like bungees for that kind of a job). The jack and the breaker bar are wrapped in towels and squeezed into the small compartment in the frunk directly below the battery. They fit very snuggly with no movement in there.

Ideally, I'd like to carry the spare in the frunk similarly to the way the spare fits in the Boxster, but I can't figure out how to secure it without drilling into anything. Also, where I located the jack seems OK, does not look like there's anything that the jack can damage in there, nor does it look like there's anything in there that can ignite the towels and burn up my Cayman.

My questions to everyone are:
Does anyone else carry a donut in their Cayman and if Yes, where is it and how is it secured?
And do you think I'm OK storing the jack wrapped in a towel in that compartment?
12-30-2018, 10:31 PM
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RE: Cayman S Spare Tire & Jack
Responding to my own post:
I like knowing I have a viable spare & should the need arise I'm comfortable knowing if my plug kit or fix a flat does not work I can mount my spare in a few minutes & be on my way

The spare from a Boxster in it's original bag fits perfectly strapped down with cam-lock straps in the rear trunk & is invisible from the outside & not in the way on the inside

The jack, breaker bar & 19mm socket fit perfectly in that compartment directly below the battery

In the event I have a flat where do I put the flat? I test fit my 275x35x19 rear tire in the rear trunk. It fits almost. I tied it down with cam-lock straps & used a cam-lock strap to hold the partially open rear hatch in place.
I also have a supply of tire bags I got from my local tire shop to bag the tire so as not to dirty up my interior.

My problem is solved.
Alls good.
Happy Motoring In 2019
02-15-2019, 12:40 AM
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RE: Cayman S Spare Tire & Jack
Saw a post on another forum.
Guy had a flat at 1am
The repair kit/compressor did not work
He waited hours for a tow
When truck finally arrived and began to winch car onto flatbed the cable snapped, car rolled off, luckily only minor damage
Another reason to carry some sort of spare

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