If you are a first-timer, you should read the Riesentöter Driver's Education Manual prior to your first event, as it will help to familiarize you with the Riesentöter Driver's Education experience. There is a lot of good stuff in this publication. The manual will also introduce you to the topics that will be discussed in the classroom, as well as acquainting you with Registration and Tech requirements and procedures. And I'm sure that some of our more seasoned members will find things such as the "What to Take" checklist to be quite helpful.

The PCA position is that if a car is equipped with Porsche Stability Management, or equivalent equipment, it is to be left on. If an individual elects to turn it off, they do so based strictly on their own decision.

Additionally, below is a definition of all flags you will see on the track.

Flag Definitions


  • Track is clear
  • Session underway

Standing Yellow

  • Problem ahead requiring caution
  • Slow down

Waiving Yellow

  • Problem ahead requiring action
  • Slow down
  • Be prepared to drive offline

Yellow with Red Stripes

  • Oil or debris on track

Solid Blue or Blue with Yellow Stripe

  • Faster traffic behind you
  • Signal and allow to pass when appropriate


  • Emergency or slow vehicle on track
  • Slow down, use caution


  • Something is wrong with your car or driving
  • Acknowledge to flagger
  • Safely return to pits and meet with steward

Black - Full Course

  • All stations display black flag
  • Course is closed, all cars return to pit

Black with Orange Meatball

  • Something is wrong with your car
  • Acknowledge to flagger
  • Safely return to pits and meet with steward


  • Session halted
  • Come to a stop OFFLINE within view of a flag station
  • Wait for further instructions from flaggers


  • End of session
  • Commence cool down lap