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Carrera cabriolet top
07-06-2009, 06:27 AM
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I have a 2001 Carrera 2 cabriolet and the rear window has come unglued at the bottom.  The top appears OK other than that.  I'm told that sewing or gluing the window in is unreliable and won't last.  I've also been told that aftermarket soft tops are less expensive than OEM Porsche tops and are just as good (in fact the Porsche dealer recommended a local shop for non-OEM tops).  I've been quoted $1500 to fix the window (sew it in place), $2050 to replace the top with a new non-Porsche soft top with plastic rear window (which was what was in the 01), and $2850 to replace the top with a new non-Porsche soft top with glass rear window (but they say it is smaller than the plastic one). 

Anyone have experience with replacing a soft top (good or bad)?  Any experience with non-Porsche tops and/or putting a top with a glass window on a Carrera that didn't originally have one?
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there is a company that advertises in Pano and Excellence that manufactures early 996 tops that have rear glass that most local Porsche specialty shops can install. I dont have that info infont of me since I am away from home on business. Theglass is smaller but most like it. It has Been discussed on Rennlist, reviewed n Excellence and discussed on the tech section on pca website.


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